Tiaki - An illustrated tribute to Aotearoa's lesser loved endangered animals.
Aotearoa is a hotspot of biodiversity. Our long separation from other landmasses and extreme range of geographical environments has left us with one of the most diverse and unique ecosystems in the world. Along with that, we have one of the highest rates of endemism, over 70% of our animals are found nowhere else (Taonga). From our highest mountains to the edges of the ocean, we have some of the most special creatures in existence. But our arrival on this land has left them on the brink of disappearing forever
All the illustrations in this book have been hand-painted digitally on Procreate. I keep my technique relatively traditional. I use a range of oil painting brushes and do most of my work within the same layer. 
Tiaki is soon to be published and will be out in the world in October!

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